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Old Sep 27th 2016, 04:20 PM
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Default X-Men

X-Men (Marvel Comics) is an entertainment/comic franchise featuring animated series, video games, and full-length films.

The franchise presents stories about unusual genetic mutants who exhibit great powers and must exhibit equal degrees of social consciousness and responsibility.

X-Men characters include Cyclops and Wolverine and Storm (heroes); and Magneto and Mystique and Ruckus (villains).

The X-Men are led by the wise telepath Professor Xavier who believes mutants can be raised and educated so as to peacefully integrate them into mainstream society. Professor Xavier is challenged by the claims of his rival (often villainous) Magneto (a super-mutant who can manipulate magnetic fields) who recruits his own eschewed mutants for a revolution against human civilization.

The real world in the modern age is filled with intellectual endeavors reflected in the story themes in the X-Men (Marvel Comics) universe: e.g., ethics implications of the Human Genome Project, the Paralympic Games, multiculturalism politics, biophysics research, etc.

In 1995, I attended the Harvard Summer School (HSS) program where I studied biology and toured Harvard (arguably the world's best university) and explored the culture of Boston, Massachusetts, and met young students my age from around the world.

It was during my studies at HSS where I started making intellectual links between X-Men (Marvel Comics) and socio-cultural trends in American education.

Professor Xavier heads his own institute (or 'school'), and this school (The Xavier Institute) represents 'educational dystopia.'

To date, 8 full-length X-Men films have been produced in Hollywood (USA), and signify an American investment in 'Eugenics consciousness.'


Cyclops and Wolverine did not know what to expect from their new guardian Professor Xavier, a telepath (and mutant like them). Cyclops and Wolverine were only 14 years-old and were ready to enroll in the Johns Hopkins summer school program under Professor Xavier's endorsement. The following summer, they would be enrolled as Xavier's first students in his Institute for Mutants. Cyclops and Wolverine did not see eye-to-eye, but they both respected Professor Xavier.

Magneto had been training his two deadly mutants, Ruckus and Mystique. The three of them planned to storm Xavier's mansion and kidnap mutant students Xavier was training for his pro-democracy crusade. Magneto wanted to use the social popularity of the Johns Hopkins summer school program to defame Xavier's institute and claim that since humans have their own summer school, mutants should have their own too (and never seek assimilation into civilization).

Wolverine stood face-to-face with Ruckus. Wolverine had special mutant steel knuckle blades which he used to claw away at his adversaries. Ruckus had deformed vocal cords which enabled him shatter sound waves. As Wolverine ran towards Ruckus, the screamer contorted phonons to shock the heroic mutant. Wolverine managed to handle Ruckus and deliver him to Professor Xavier's incarceration-rehabilitation division of the Xavier Institute. There, Xavier did his best to persuade Ruckus to join Xavier's team of mutant 'X-Men' and champion democracy, but the untrustworthy mutant insisted he be returned to Magneto's army.

Rogue, the wife of Gambit (mutant member of Xavier's X-Men), was looking at a photo of her son Demon (a mutant she camouflaged) who was attending the Johns Hopkins summer school program in Maryland (USA). Rogue was happy with her life and her allegiance to Gambit and Xavier, but she secretly hoped that her son Demon would flourish at Johns Hopkins and refused to have him be paraded as a mutant with powers in front of an uncaring human race.


X-Men (Wikipedia)

Harvard Summer School

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Old May 24th 2017, 03:38 AM
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Arrow Teamwork Thesis!

It's interesting to note how a coordination/teamwork-themed film franchise such as Marvel Comics' X-Men can be contrasted with other non-fantasy teamwork films such as Ronin and Force 10 from Navarone.

Ronin (Robert De Niro) tells the story of a group of expatriate servicemen and special-ops soldiers gathered as 'samurai-for-hire' in a special and mysterious package-lifting mission (possibly involving the IRA).

Force 10 from Navarone (Robert Shaw) tells the story of a special American military force sent to Europe to destroy a bridge (during WWII) vital to the enemy.

Both these films celebrate a human appreciation of teamwork and group flexibility and can therefore be compared to the 'fantasy-realm' social-cohesion and group-coordination themed storytelling in the X-Men franchise.

IMO, such analysis informs our modern age assessment of 'teamwork-metrics' as it relates to institutions such as NASDAQ, NATO, UN, and EU (European Union).

Without an appropriate perspective (and artistic celebration) of 'teamwork-ethos,' we can't appreciate the psychological gravity involved with nouveau-intelligence issues such as 'civilization evolution' and even genetic-cloning as it relates to global decision-making (exemplified in the X-Men franchise).

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