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Old Dec 23rd 2015, 02:32 AM
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Default Lesson from TV

New TV show I am watching, called Vremenno Nedostupen ("Temporarily Unavailable")

It stars Sergei Bezrukov, a very talented actor who is only one I know to play both a gangster
and a policeman
magnificently lol Bezrukov was a nobody a decade ago, just before he starred in the TV gangster drama "Brigada", which made him famous. Now, he is such a big deal, he even has his own theater in Moscow. That is the big leagues here.

In this case, Bezrukov's character is a corrupt government official in the capital (this TV series shows the whole dirty business of government here, actually, I am frankly shocked it is being aired, especially on Channel 1, the official mouthpiece of the State!)

I believe he works at the Ministry of Justice. Spends his days shaking people down for bribes to make investigations and court cases go away hehe

Because he is corrupt, he is also rich (well, that is how it works here haha). He enjoys a nice lifestyle: BMW convertible

https://vk.com/video-747996_170853863[/url], big apartment in an elite building, runway model girlfriend

In short, he is doing very well for himself.

And then, he screws up. He makes the most dangerous deal in his life: a mob boss

pays him maybe his biggest bribe yet, to make sure his son, arrested for major possession of narcotics, does not go to prison.

And, something goes wrong. The judge does not cooperate and sentences the young fellow to several years in Siberia anyway.

Later that evening, Bezrukov's character, unaware that things did not go according to his plan, is relaxing at home, with his girlfriend, gets a call from his friend, the lawyer handling the trial, who tells him about the judge's decision, and that he told them mob boss where he (Bezrukov) lives, had no choice, they literally put a gun to his head, and that he better leave the city or he is dead, when they find him, they will kill him; and then the mob boss's men show up and kick his door down. He has to flee down a drain pipe, wearing nothing but a bathrobe lol

Meanwhile, his co-star, Dmitry Dyuzhev, who also co-starred with him in Brigada, plays an investigator, with the Investigative Committee of Russia (SKR), also corrupt in his own ways, but on much lesser scale, in provincial Kaliningrad. To get away from his overbearing wife who insists on yelling at him and ordering him around, he takes an assignment from a high-ranking SKR officer in Moscow, old friend of his

Assignment is to go to a town (not exactly said where it is, but I looked up where those parts of the show were filmed, it is near Tula), where the mayor, a relative of this officer

called for help: he is being investigated by higher authorities for own corruption, and they want an SKR man there to look into the mayor's affairs, so the mayor wants his relative to arrange for a "friendly" officer to come and pretend to investigate and make it all disappear. For a nice sum of money, naturally hehe Dyuzhev gladly takes the job, for the money and for rest from his beastly woman lol

Instead, however, when he arrives in Moscow, from where he is to travel by train to that town, he gets into a fight at a bar, and gets hit on his head, hard enough to knock him out and give him amnesia. He ends up in an ambulance

Long story short, Bezrukov's character, fleeing from the mafia, jumps into the same ambulance. Or, rather, pretends to be sick, so the medics stop and pick him up. He takes Dyuzhev's clothes, along with his SKR identification, train ticket, and key to the railway terminal safe where his luggage is, and then runs off with that.

Dyuzhev goes to hospital, where he ends up in the ward for patients with mental trauma and brain injuries, unable to remember his own name, or anything else, but makes friends with his new roommate, who is faking his own condition to stay at the hospital and get away from people he owes money to

Unable to remember his wife, or any details of his life, he begins to fall in love with the psychologist who is trying to help him

Meanwhile, Bezrukov goes to the railway terminal, to the safe room, and finds Dyuzhev's baggage. He realizes he needs to get out of Moscow anyway, before the mob finds him, so he gets on Dyuzhev's train with his ticket (the attendant asks for his passport, as is usual in Russia, which he, of course, cannot show, because it has Dyuzhev's photo in it; but he gets past that by flashing Dyuzhev's SKR ID at her, without opening it to reveal photo also not his own; government security agency ID quickly frightens people into compliance here, people fear the government, especially its security agencies, SKR, FSB, very much...).

On the train, he meets a young woman also heading to the same town Dyuzhev, whose identity he assumed, was heading to. They end up sharing a compartment and becoming friendly. Later, he meets her again in the town, and they fall in love

Meanwhile, the mayor, believing Bezrukov is the "friendly" SKR officer arrived to make his troubles go away, sends his deputy and his two idiotic henchmen

to meet Bezrukov at the railways station, see him off the train, and make him comfortable in town and generally kowtow before him and placate him in every possible way. They give him a nice big cottage house, with all amenities, with a stocked fridge, his own car and driver, and even send over a girl, a prostitute, to "entertain" him, though he refuses her, in the end, now completely in love with the girl from the train, whom he goes and finds, at the town newspaper, where she works as a reporter.

She tells him about the mayor, what a horrible man he is, how he is the head of the local mob, basically, and keeps the whole town in terror. How a friend of hers, another journalist, was murdered for daring to report on the mayor's corruption and crime. Believing he really is an SKR officer, and that he is in town to take down the dirty mayor, she begs him to stay and fight with them, do not live her, as she is preparing an expose against him, and fears, not for herself, but her elderly mother, often alone in their house ("These bastards could come at night and burn it down, and she is always there and may not be able to get out...")

So, Bezrukov then puts on the uniform

and assumes the role of a SKR officer, succeeding in arresting the nephew of the mayor, a thug who controls the narcotic dealing in town and is also leader of a gang robbing jewelry stores in other nearby towns (a secret safe full of the jewelry is found at his house).

Helping him is a local police detective named Vadim
who, by the way, is in love with the reporter girl too, though she has no feelings for him, unlike for Bezrukov. They rival over here initially, but come to peace, as the policeman accepts that the mademoiselle prefers the other man. Then, they become allies, even as the mayor uses his powerful connections to retaliate against the police officer (for example, internal security investigators come to look at his old cases, threatening him with dismissal from the service and even prison if he does not back off).

That is as far as I have watched so far. Next episode is tomorrow. Maybe will add to the thread then.

But, so far, great show, it does teach you things, not only how to lie convincingly haha but also that sometime completely changing your life and who you are can be a very good thing indeed...
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Old Dec 23rd 2015, 12:27 PM
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Default Re: Lesson from TV

In Britain there was a similar TV series, in the 1980s. It was called Yes Minister and its sequel series was called Yes, Prime Minister. Here is a short extract (only two minutes and 44 seconds long).
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Old Dec 23rd 2015, 05:54 PM
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Default Re: Lesson from TV

Originally Posted by NickKIELCEPoland View Post
In Britain there was a similar TV series, in the 1980s. It was called Yes Minister and its sequel series was called Yes, Prime Minister. Here is a short extract (only two minutes and 44 seconds long).
"Yes Minster" is one of the most brilliant shows ever created for tv.

One of the only redeeming features of the CBC is that they do run a whole lot of BBC material.
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