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Old Sep 28th 2015, 11:05 PM
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Talking Gabriella, Russian-Brazilian beauty

Her real name is Ana Lucia Gomes da Silva, "Gabriella" is her stage name (and also her daughter's name, weirdly enough )

She sang in her native Brazil, and was on talent shows there too, as a young woman. Some years ago, she first came to Russia, as part of a dance group, to perform at some international event. There, she met her Russian husband, businessman Vitaliy. He fell in love with the exotic girl, but she had to go home, to Rio de Janeiro. But, four months later, he went to Brazil and found her. Her parents liked him and, long story short, he took her back to Moscow and there was a wedding

Seven years later, they have Gabriella, 6, and Mikhael, 2

Gabriella already speaks fluently in Russian, Portuguese, and English. Mikhael speaks some mixed-up language of his own, according to his mother, who, herself, has become fluent in Russian over the years, though with a rather alluring accent. And she still cannot get used to the snow here lol

Vitalit must be a very successful businessman, because he apparently gets invited to the kind of parties, and brings her along, where she got to meet Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev

She says some people around her and Vitaliy have whispered about them, and I can understand that, there are many, many people here not very open to interracial marriages of any sort. But, many more have welcomed her and she is, in general, a happy, smiling person, who tries to just ignore those who say nasty things about her.

Great body too, if I dare say so


Russia learned about her this month, when she performed on our top singing contest on TV, "Golos" ("The Voice"): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHYjjKpkaRo

Definately was something new for everyone
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