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Old Apr 30th 2019, 10:32 AM
Abishai100 Abishai100 is offline
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Default Captain America vs. Richard III

Imagine the following hypothetical conversation between Captain America (fictional patriotic American comic book 'super-hero') and Richard III (iconic but controversial English ruler depicted by Shakespeare as obstinate towards governance flexibility or even kindness) regarding the social value of competition/sports and the wisdom of marketing/hyping the Kentucky Derby (iconic American annual horse-race signifying a cultural appreciation of 'animal-care flowery').

Such a discussion about 'lifestyle aesthetics' would illuminate why we as a civilization focus on the merits of social activity. Isn't this sort of interrogation the rationale for why we celebrate networking toys (e.g., Facebook) in this modern age of confluence/globalization minded imagination (e.g., World Bank, European Union, Al Jazeera TV, etc.)?

What do you think? What would our capitalism-trained (and hence contract-minded) U.S. President (Donald Trump), a man who seems keenly interested in social paradigms, say? Would we think America is the 'leader' or 'Big Brother' in the modern world arena of socialization dialogue and globe-minded marketing (e.g., National Geographic Channel)?

Feel free to be 'caustic.'


RICHARD III: You wish I relinquish my authority over horses?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Angered sir, you neglect the Kentucky Derby!
RICHARD III: What care have I for an American pastime?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Derby is a totem of great animal regalia...
RICHARD III: England has much care for its animal life, good sir.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Your reputation is one of obstinate authority.
RICHARD III: I lack an interest in investments in recreational zoos!
CAPTAIN AMERICA: The women of America care for their horses.
RICHARD III: Horse-masters in England have no less care...
CAPTAIN AMERICA: It is in the arena of racing where we find grace.
RICHARD III: Are you accusing English women of myopia?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Derby reminds all women of the value of sport!
RICHARD III: You would impress upon citizenry the requisite for athletics?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Without sports, there is little chat about fair play.
RICHARD III: Is America the 'sovereign' over human imagination?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: America is a land of confluence, not dominions!
RICHARD III: England has rich flowery towards meetings of peoples.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Investments in the Derby would spell happiness...
RICHARD III: I will think on your proposal but hold views on animal care.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Never treat women or animals as pawns!
RICHARD III: If the Derby promotes social glee, I will think on it.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: You will not be thinking in vain...


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Old May 4th 2019, 08:30 AM
Abishai100 Abishai100 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 186
Default Governance*

Think for a moment just how much our species has daydreamed and made models about Utopian societies and 'ideal governments'(!).

Truly, the 'saga' of Communism (from Marx through Castro!) has involved humans thinking deeply and actively about the impact of re-coordinated perspectives on governance.

So imagine further a hypothetical society in which there are just two nation-states, one called 'Gog' which is ruled by a single male Mormon prince (named Alas) and his multiple wives and nurses and aunts(!) and children/offspring, and another called 'Magog' which is ruled entirely by men and male offspring who are not children of Alas. Imagine that Gog is a society of great socialization consciousness in the modern world (e.g., Facebook, European Union, eTrade, etc.), while Magog is a society of great primalism structures equally symbolic of the modern world (e.g., NATO, Microsoft, McDonald's, etc.).

We might say that Gog is more 'sensitive' and populism-oriented (perhaps because the Mormon prince Alas is like 'Captain Noah'), while Magog is more 'robust' and capitalism-oriented (perhaps because its patriarchal/male-dominant structure/philosophy is reminiscent of the 'British Empire').

What would Captain America and Richard III say about such a governance-dichotomy which would symbolize modern world perspectives on resource imagination?

Such a question would help us analyse deeper what makes new age labyrinths (e.g., NASDAQ, World Bank, OPEC) so darn 'muscular.'


CAPTAIN AMERICA: Gog and Magog are Biblical...
RICHARD III: You're too romantic about governance-folklore!
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Governance is needed in times of flowery...
RICHARD III: This Wall Street era is profit-minded, not flowery!
CAPTAIN AMERICA: We have to focus on leadership arrows...
RICHARD III: Capitalism is primal, not social!
CAPTAIN AMERICA: That's why we think about ideals-axes...
RICHARD III: Are there really 'axes' in times of profit-sharing?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: We have to forge models of political beliefs.
RICHARD III: Democracy and capitalism are not compatible.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: That's why we celebrate business-ads on Facebook!
RICHARD III: Alright; maybe there's 'sentiment' in visionary networks.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: The intrigue of modernism lies in diarism...
RICHARD III: There will always be a need for thorough power-analysis!


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