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Old Jul 25th 2017, 10:37 PM
Abishai100 Abishai100 is offline
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Default Raiders/Vegas: Cultural Drawbacks?

The Oakland Raiders (the professional American football team) are moving to the casino-colored ciy of Las Vegas possibly as early as 2019.

The Raiders have always been in Los Angeles or Oakland (California), and this surprising move to Vegas arguably not only reflects a new age social investment in profit-based 'culture-management' but also 'negotiation-based' marketing.

America is under the gun for many reasons since 2000 --- Wall Street ambition (possibly a reason for anti-American sentiments around the world), NATO pride, capitalism fervor, and of course eco-pollution protests. All of this is perhaps a reflection of globalization-related immaturity.

Now that media is such a big part of world-culture (e.g., CNN, Hollywood, Internet, etc.), people want access to Western civilization criticism in public pulpits.

An average Middle Eastern considering immigrating to America might want to complain about President Trump making wild claims such as, "America can not afford Muslim immigration in this hotbed-era of terrorism!" In other words, people around the world simply want to talk about the 'weight' of politics-related 'ethics chatter.'

The fact that the Raiders (NFL) are moving to Vegas could offer much 'firepower' to anti-Western critics who suggest that America's brand of 'capitalism-culture' takes from media-driven 'pizazz' anything glamorous and leaves out anything of 'substance.' So, people want to log onto the Internet and say things like, "TrumpUSA approves of the Raiders moving to Vegas, since capitalists like to gamble about media vanities!"

So how can we coordinate 'media-culture' in this age of globalization-catalyzed 'ethics paranoia' with effective/shrewd politics-marketing to generate more general 'federalism optimism'?


TRUMP: Protesters blame me even about the Raiders in Vegas...
CARTER: They expect you to be a 'capitalism-wizard.'
TRUMP: Well, I owned a casino in Atlantic City!
CARTER: Citizens always crave the right to 'demonize' bosses.
TRUMP: I think that made Hoffa's life very difficult, Carter!
CARTER: I agree, and maybe the Raiders moving to Vegas implies revolution.
TRUMP: I doubt Iran and Syria are 'idealistic' about 'Planet Starbucks.'
CARTER: Maybe you can convince voters that the NFL is a 'relaxed fortress.'
TRUMP: To do that requires governance to be coordinated with daydreams.
CARTER: How can we use the media to sell free trade?
TRUMP: Maybe we can market the Olympics as a way to 'welcome' Muslims.
CARTER: Saudi Arabia has been modestly entertaining in World Cup soccer!
TRUMP: Yes, Saaed Al-Owairan was hailed as the 'Maradona of Arabia.'
CARTER: Media helps us link politics with oxygen (e.g., sports).


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Old Jul 27th 2017, 08:15 AM
Abishai100 Abishai100 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 182
Default Cheers

The American hit TV series Cheers was about pronounced Americans visiting a bar/restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts named Cheers (a real location) and mingling and using comedy to talk about real-life color.

Let's imagine that this bar/restaurant (Cheers) in Boston is visited regularly by a patron/customer who is a descendent of Jack the Ripper (the elusive iconic 1800s London serial-killer portrayed in multiple films such as From Hell starring Johnny Depp).

This unnamed Jack the Ripper descendant decides the show Cheers has generated a great deal of cultural excitement surrounding the real bar/restaurant Cheers and the American city of Boston, so he decides to tell the Cheers bartender one night that he is in fact the descendant of the real Jack the Ripper (who was never identified/caught).

Soon, the media latch onto the story and there's national buzz about whether or not this supposed 'Ripper-descendant' is telling the truth or lying. People are talking about why this possible descendant (who can help police identify who Jack the Ripper actually was) likes to go to the bar/restaurant Cheers and whether or not the city of Boston is culturally symbolic or similar in any way to London.

In other words, civics intrigue generates cultural gossip (e.g., Bonnie and Clyde).

So we have to find creative ways to coordinate 'commerce-driven politics' (e.g., European Union) with 'pedestrian folklore' (e.g., Gordon Gekko) in this modern era of 'Wall Street etiquette' (e.g., Hebrew National).

There's certainly a link between media and prestige (e.g., Rush Limbaugh) in 'society chatter' already.

That's why this symbolic Raiders-Vegas move could potentially generate some intriguing 'consumerism-stereotype talk.'


TRUMP: They should make more movies about capitalism.
CARTER: Well, there're two Wall Street films and Money Monster and Dollars.
TRUMP: No, I mean movies explicitly linking politics with commerce.
CARTER: I see, then I suppose Traffic is such a film.
TRUMP: That's right. Traffic is about culture catalyzing narcotics demand.
CARTER: The Raiders moving to Vegas suggests we're 'merchandise-focused.'
TRUMP: Imagine Raiders/Vegas merchandise, Carter! It'd be a real 'pun.'
CARTER: We don't want capitalism to create all kinds of 'mallrat puns.'
TRUMP: Consumerism would generate political cynicism (e.g., Hong Kong).
CARTER: An American celebrity (e.g., Tom Cruise) is a 'couture diplomat.'
TRUMP: This suggests that the Raiders-Vegas move symbolizes 'confidence.'
CARTER: In that case, let's go to Cheers (Boston) and toast Rush Limbaugh.


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Old Aug 4th 2017, 11:02 AM
Abishai100 Abishai100 is offline
Join Date: Jul 2014
Posts: 182
Default Cruise/Coach K

America is a land of media celebrities and diplomacy-oriented social icons (arguably).

To understand the social significance of the Raiders-Vegas move, we should evaluate how modern-day public luminaries in the spotlight would respond to such a move.

Here's a mock-dialogue between Tom Cruise (American movie star) and Coach K (esteemed and very well-accomplished head coach of the famed Duke Blue Devils men's college basketball team) about the Raiders moving to Vegas.

The purpose of such a hypothetical dialogue would be to analyze how citizens feel about the 'culture of enterprise' (reflected in new age media-themed TV series such as Ballers!)


CRUISE: It's an honor to finally meet you, Coach K!
COACH K: Well, I'm a little humbled myself by the presence of such a celebrity!
CRUISE: How do you feel (wondering) about the Raiders moving to Vegas?
COACH K: That's hot for your sports-marketing film Jerry Maguire!
CRUISE: Indeed, it is. I myself feel the Raiders moving to Vegas is 'ominous.'
COACH K: It could be; if you've seen Blue Chips, you know sports is business.
CRUISE: Let's pretend I'm Spider-Man and you're Ant-Man for an argument...
COACH K: Alright (sounds fun). Are we going to some kind of Utopia?
CRUISE: Spider-Man feels the Raiders should capitalize on market trends.
COACH K: Right, while Ant-Man (I suppose) criticizes 'capital media.'
CRUISE: Correct. I mean, won't people say, "Raiders belong in New Mexico!"?
COACH K: Everyone wants to go to the beach, but no one wants to teach!
CRUISE: It's the same in college sports, and this will trickle down into the arts.
COACH K: Yes, movies will reflect this trend in 'dystopian profit-sharing.'
CRUISE: As a celebrity, I'd say 'sports marketing' is the American Dream!
COACH K: As the coach of Duke, I'd separate Church and State.


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