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Old Jul 5th 2014, 02:39 PM
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Default Re: Moscow Metro security, complicated question

Originally Posted by MeMyselfAndI View Post
I do not think. I think one guy who works at the firm, his brother spent time in prison camps and knows plenty of gangsters and such people. But they are not really so close, the two of them. Evgeny, the guy who works for me, he does not want his son to be anywhere near his brother, or the boy may become like him too...

But sure, as I said, I have "contacts" in that world. Do I think it brings me more business? It does. Lots of them are in need of qualified security and do not trust their own goons to sufficiently protect them, prefer professionals instead.

I did not create the mafia, however. Their existence and what they do, I am not responsible for that. I have my ethics too. I would not let my people perform and criminal tasks for them, like assassinations, or debt collections. Security only. I have nothing to feel shame about.
I think we've got all the information we need.
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Old Jul 16th 2014, 02:49 PM
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Default Re: Moscow Metro security, complicated question

Recall I mentioned overcrowding before. Big issue down there. Why so many casualties in latest accident too

Train braked suddenly, people were thrown forward. Those already in the front of cars were crushed...
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