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Old Dec 21st 2017, 05:25 PM
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Default Paris Metro: Homeland Security/ISIS

Modern terrorism representing sentiments towards anti-Western civilization (e.g., ISIS, Taliban) and traffic is designed to destabilize pedestrian securities regarding 'symbolic' targets (e.g., World Trade Center). Security measures must account for a new age geopolitical interest in 'commercial hubs' (e.g., World Trade Center). That was the story with 9/11.

Imagine for example that ISIS attacks Notre-Dame de Paris on Valentine's Day 2018 (with a parcel-delivery containing a bomb). Parisians would be shocked about how sacred Western civilization monuments are simply not even safe anymore for travellers/tourists.

That's why modern-day social leaders look to the political addressing of important urban infrastructure areas bolstering/security (e.g., Paris Metro).

How will the commerce-minded (arguably) U.S. President Donald Trump address modern global concerns regarding the stabilization of traffic symbolic monuments (e.g., Paris Metro) as key commercial 'trophies'?

Many political theorists argue that such 'infrastructure trophies' are precisely the ideal targets for anti-Western civilization terrorist groups (e.g., ISIS) looking to destabilize all kinds of capital traffic (e.g., 2015 Paris attacks).


TRUMP: The Paris Metro is symbolic.
ADVISOR: So is the New York subway-system, Mr. President.
TRUMP: Yes, and modern leaders need to focus on security protocols.
ADVISOR: Mass modern commerce/traffic makes security 'challenging.'
TRUMP: True, but we need to continually revamp our infrastructure IQ.
ADVISOR: That's really what Homeland Security was about (after 9/11).
TRUMP: Yes, 9/11 was arguably as shocking (to the West) as Pearl Harbor.
ADVISOR: We don't want terrorist groups to 'liberally' select targets.
TRUMP: Securing the Paris Metro helps us protect Notre-Dame.
ADVISOR: Differentiate cultural monuments from traffic/tourism sites!
TRUMP: And then politically manage tourism and immigration...
ADVISOR: We don't want the West to look 'arson-neglectful.'
TRUMP: Yes, we want people to enjoy The Towering Inferno for Christmas!
ADVISOR: Journalists will have to discuss 'traffic havens.'


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