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Old Jan 23rd 2017, 08:03 PM
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Default Re: Political predictions

Just in case anyone isn't completely depressed yet:

I predict that Trump will use nuclear weapons in his first term.

It won't be against Russia or China or even North Korea though. Those countries might actually strike back and oligarchs don't want a full scale nuclear war because you can't live a billionaire's life afterwards. No, he'll use it against a country which can't strike back. I don't have any specific country in mind or even a region (although the Middle East is always a prime candidate, it might just as well be a European one).

Admittedly this prediction is five percent or less reasoning and ninety-five percent or more gut feeling. The main motivation is Trump's obvious and serious personality disorder and his change in demeanour. If you remember his first meeting with Obama as president-elect he looked like a virgin school kid who stumbled into a frontier brothel. He clearly hadn't the beginning of a clue what he gotten himself into.

But that has changed very rapidly. It apparently has dawned on him that it's all real and has gotten a sense of just how powerful his position is. He's clearly interpreting it as "Hell, I can do whatever the fuck I want to". He's already creating a parallel Trump universe with 'alternative facts' and answered 'Because I'll tell them' when asked how his electorate will evaluate his presidency as successful.

He'll do it for no other reason than because he can. He won't let the opportunity slip to do something unprecedented and which to him will seem a sign of strength. A reason or cause, no matter how flimsy, might be concocted but as his first dealings with the press indicate, even that's no longer necessary in this Brave New World.
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