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Old Jan 5th 2018, 06:51 PM
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Lightbulb Media Windows: DreamWorks

The modern world is about media and networking and the challenge of engaging the masses to network with more imagination and of course profitability. That's really what Facebook is all about and why businesses and politicians feature profile pages on the globally-popular social networking website (began by genius Mark Zuckerberg).

We appreciate films such as American Psycho and Toys, since they symbolize a new age consciousness regarding pedestrianism intellectualism, which is vital for networking-gauged dialogue (e.g., The Charlie Rose Show).

I've enjoyed blogging on the Internet, during my family-supported 'sabbatical,' which I began after graduating from Dartmouth College (Hanover, New Hampshire, USA). Blogging on the Internet makes me feel close to the modern world (and modernism!), and I have an opportunity to use this modern 'medium' of 'digital newsies/boards' to engage with the public in a very convenient (and arguably pro-democratic fashion!).

For example, I wrote two short-stories (representative of my interests in pedestrianism-rhetorics I think) on US Message Board (USMB), shown here in the two links below:

Magic Wand: The Devil's MTV

New Year's Batman (Story)

This is the kind of 'media-engaged' idealism I think is symbolic of new age political cartoons. We see such 'pedestrianism-daydreams' imprinted in lifestyle-representative world-philosophy films such as Leo DiCaprio's two films Total Eclipse and Celebrity (films representing 'everyday wisdom').

DiCaprio, incidentally, is not only a staunch environmental-activist (featuring his own eco-consciousness organization and website --- The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation).

Imagine that a group of anti-TrumpUSA protesters march on Washington carrying Polaroid instant-cameras, arguing that rhetorics and memories of the modern world are somehow 'archaeologically commercial' (since everything seems 'convenience-based' these days it seems --- i.e., Wall Street).

These 'Polaroid-wielding warriors' seem to symbolize a modern civilization interest in 'politics-accessibility,' which suggests that modernism-consciousness is somehow proportional to traffic (e.g., Metropolis, Traffic)!

Isn't that why President Trump is so criticized --- for not being 'pedagoguery-accessible'?

It seems we need to reorient our 'pedestrian thinking' from Bazaar to Global Magazine.

This is the change-in-thinking that the major American movie-studios and companies (e.g., DreamWorks) are more and more conscious of --- and the people of the world know it!


DICAPRIO: Do you care about the World Bank?
TRUMP: Leo, I care about Wall Street and the Security Council!
DICAPRIO: That's nice, Mr. President, but what about Captain Planet?
TRUMP: Captain Planet is a terrific pro-eco-hero for the youth.
DICAPRIO: Do you think your administration invests in global warming?
TRUMP: If I say, 'no,' a tabloid will write, "Trump is eco-dumb."
DICAPRIO: Yes, you're smart (surely); many consider you a businessman.
TRUMP: I don't want my critics to be disgruntled minority women, Leo.
DICAPRIO: The world wants a capitalism-baron who knows about waste.
TRUMP: This is becoming a savvy chat worthy of a talk-show headline!
DICAPRIO: Well, modern media is indeed all about...chit-chat.
TRUMP: We'll see what the journalists say about 'American pride.'


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