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Old Jul 14th 2016, 06:12 AM
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Default Re: An Open Letter to my Niece

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Boulder, Colorado has a reputation for being a rather upscale 'leftwing' enclave.

Btw, Austin, Texas has a similar reputation for being 'leftwing' in a sea of rightwing Texans.
My niece Christy and her mate Ben are out from Boulder, and my other niece and her two little kids are here from SW France (Her husband is working and will be here later.) and we, including my sister and her husband and Marge and I, did indeed go to Kickbacks, and I ordered the David Ponsler Thorburger.

They got a kick out of the huge burger and took pictures of it, and Ben, who ordered an omelette, for Christ's sake, had a small piece of it, and I took a good chunk of it home. It was darned tasty.
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Old Jul 14th 2016, 10:37 AM
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Default Re: An Open Letter to my Niece

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
“All you have to do is tell the people that they are under attack, and accuse the pacifists of lack of patriotism and of putting their nation in danger. This method works in every country. --Hermann Goring
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