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Old Jun 21st 2016, 04:30 PM
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Default Shiva/Deformer: Eco-Chat

Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction and meditation and has been depicted as a brooding ascetic meditating in the jungle with his snake, instruments, and trident/trishula weapon by his side.

Shiva has been referenced in various mysticism/religious/pseudo-philosophical discussions about naturalism, Machiavellianism, and fascism.

While Shiva is arguably the Hindu equivalent of Zeus (the king of gods from Ancient Greek mythology), his power is both more absolute (to destroy) and more isolationist (to meditate).

For our modern world of Industrialization-related eco-concerns, I thought it would be interesting to post a fictional short-story involving Shiva confronting a devil-monster named the Deformer who challenges the Hindu god's sense of community spirit.


Shiva was sitting on his mountaintop in the Himalayas pondering the human value of modern age treehouses people were building to create alternative dwellings to echo their newfound Industrialization-related 'semi-paranoid' focus on Earth's natural ecosystems. Shiva was considering that these numerous sophisticated 'modern' treehouses where both adults and children could dwell rather comfortably were worthy of praise and intellectual investment. He decided to descend upon Earth disguised as a regular human being and visit a colony of treehouses and take photographs for the New Yorker magazine.

However, Shiva suddenly had an unexpected visitor. The visitor was a powerful wizard and Devil's Advocate named the Deformer. This ghoul was hideous in appearance, unlike Shiva, and detested humanity. The Deformer wanted to challenge Shiva's faith in humanity and question his appreciation of man's various Earthly activities. Shiva asked the ghoul where he came from and how he found him to which the ghoul replied that he had read about the mythic Hindu god in religion-oriented texts in India and surmised that he was living as an ascetic somewhere in the Himalayas. Shiva told Deformer that he was on his way to take some photographs of admirable sophisticated treehouses for the New Yorker magazine, and Deformer replied that he was on a wizard's errand to challenge Shiva's optimism towards human civilization.

Shiva was ready for the challenge and told Deformer he was pleased with this unusual but intriguing 'debate' about the value of human activities on Earth. Shiva suggested to Deformer that they engage in a discussion about the 'apologetics' and 'economics' of treehouse construction and how adult-oriented treehouses signified a modern age eco-consciousness. Deformer was pleased with these suggestions and told Shiva that whoever won the debate should be the one to take the treehouse photographs for the New Yorker magazine; Shiva agreed to this wager.

SHIVA: Man's treehouses are becoming more profitable.

DEFORMER: Man has always perverted himself for profit.

SHIVA: Eco-consciousness can make man more humble.

DEFORMER: Humility is related to humiliation.

SHIVA: Treehouse activity should dissuade terrorism.

DEFORMER: Terrorism is simply a form of 'war deformity.'

SHIVA: War receives more praise than terrorism, even during Industrialization.

DEFORMER: Eco-terrorism is a sign of new age 'intelligence,' and financiers must intercede.

SHIVA: Everyone uses the term 'necessary evil' rather liberally.

DEFORMER: Terrorism is indeed a necessary evil.

SHIVA: Man needs to evolve, and treehouses can create optimism.

DEFORMER: Optimism requires labor.

SHIVA: Labor is always better than mischief. You shouldn't seek hell.

DEFORMER: Governance requires creativity. I believe in the 'ugly truth.'

At the end of the discussion, Deformer conceded that Shiva had successfully presented a 'philosophical-economic' case about the lessons learned from treehouse activities, even though he insisted that he himself had successfully framed a case in favour of eco-terrorism the need to present the 'ugly truth.' Deformer told Shiva that since the Hindu god had carried the discussion about man's potential, Shiva had earned the right to take the treehouse photographs for the New Yorker. Shiva thanked Deformer but suggested that since the wizard-ghoul had engaged him in a symbolic dialogue, he should refrain from trying to 'egregiously' seek 'human deformity.' Deformer agreed and departed, and Shiva prepared to descend upon Earth disguised as a photographer.



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