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Default Re: 10 Years of Political Growth

I should be clear that I don't support Amash, but he's not a nutjob. He's naive in not getting how the spirit of the law precedes the rule of law. He thinks libertarianism will save the day when in reality, libertarianism is very easily subject to deconstruction because people confuse substantial with procedural consent. Allowing people to believe in whatever they will inevitably results in some people believing it's their right to violate the consent of others.

My cohorts aren't elites though. They're ordinary people. They're laity, not clergy. The clergy of the Church are often despised for being too left-wing which is somewhat justified because of their priority of mercy before justice. Indeed, they have compromised on holding people accountable for their actions in the first place.

Regardless, Pelosi would have garnished support among moderates, independents, and centrists by revealing bipartisanship. Instead, she's validated Trump's claim that the impeachment was partisan hackery.

Regarding the blue state problem, I've seen older people who grew up in the '70s and '80s fail to recognize how the '90s and 2000s were loaded with a new wave of postmodernist relativism and feminism. This includes Trumpers who are obsessed with sacrificing the rule of law in favor of rugged individualism. It's the classic 2nd wave versus 3rd wave feminism problem. Older people are really stuck in 2nd wave paradigms. It's like the 3rd wave doesn't even exist to them...

...nevermind the 4th wave of what started with the cultural relativism of opposition to the War in Iraq and continued especially after Gamergate. Trump exploits this so hard because of his own disparagement of decency and family values. The guy's a Presbyterian as well, so he doesn't get phased by conventional anti-Catholic arguments.

My religious cohorts were lapsed. I agree that they elected him... but the strange thing is many of them also voted for Obama:

Catholics before Trump's election self-identified as more Democrat than Republican.

I should be clear that I've argued against them over this, and the response I often get is a deconstruction of "tough love." Tough love is something you're supposed to use to punish people who do bad things, not blame the victim to deal with. It makes them no different from the postmodernists and relativists of yore.

The KofC were founded in 1882 to help immigrants assimilate into the country. It has nothing to do with fascism.

It is sad how Gavin McInnes did what he did though. He doesn't represent the virtues of the Order.
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