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Originally Posted by Daktoria View Post
...but the real problem is how leaders of echo chambers don't confront each other deeply unless the goal is to humiliate each other to garnish more attention for their following.
The real question is why anyone would think or expect anything otherwise given the platform and human nature.

Originally Posted by Daktoria View Post
There's hardly any depth on Twitter at all... which isn't much of a surprise from the character limit, and that prevents issues from getting the sophisticated perspective they deserve for thorough problem solving. It just encourages shallow sensationalism, especially from how people often like and follow from simply seeing an appealing background or avatar.
You've just explained why Twitter is so popular.

Most people don't want or can't handle sophistication or in-depth analysis of anything. But they sure like the color blue or team red or cute pictures of cats. That's the level most people are comfortable with.

Originally Posted by Daktoria View Post
If it was up to me, it would be a crime to discuss politics on such a shallow platform. It degrades civic responsibility and encourages corruption through favoritism.
Political discussions make a whole lot more sense once you realize that most people play politics like a simple tribal affiliation (red or blue). No different than sports fans. They cheer for their team and insult the opposing team's fans.
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