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Default Re: Haussmannization: good or evil?

I think there are a few, very select circumstances where eminent domain is appropriate and productive.

Cleveland has the distinction of having the oldest public housing administration in the country. Unfortunately they were for years built with the appearance of an inside out prison. There is much more creative and productive approaches being taken for public housing that don't dehumanize, and hopefully won't segregate, as much.

Is the topic of this thread eminent domain, or public housing, though?

Incidentally there is also a situation currently in Cleveland where a bunch of poor people stand to be displaced so that they can build a road for rich people to get to the hospitals faster. It is dubiously named the "Opportunity Corridor."

However, because they are idiots, people in opposition to the project snagged before anybody could blink.


I'm opposed to the project, at least in its current incarnation.
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