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Default Re: Syria: America's "King of TOWs" killed by Ru

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
The mantra for US warriors for decades has been "We coulda, shoulda, woulda won in Vietnam. We Coulda, shoulda, woulda, won in Vietnam."

You are saying the same thing about the Russian warriors in Afghanistan, and thinking that this time it's going to be different.

Are you Russians so rich that you can't find a better use for your tax dollars, like high-speed raid systems or reservoir systems the Chinese are building?

The US is already $20 trillion in debt and FUBAR. (Military acronym for Fucked Up Beyond All Repair.) Maybe you should follow the Chinese model instead of the US model.
Well, first of all, we are improving our railways.

There is the high-speed "Sapsan" train, which goes between Moscow and Saint Petersburg in 3.5 hours

Then, there is the "Strizh", which actually replaced the "Sapsan" on the route between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod

Unlike the "Sapsan" (made by Siemens), the EP20 locomotive for the "Strizh" is a completely Russian product, manufactured at Uralvagonzavod since 2011 (the passenger cars, however, are indeed an import, from Spain). Hence, it is boxy and ugly as all hell lol Our makers are not known for esthetic tastes... It is, however, fast, faster than "Sapsan", taking 3 hours to Nizhny, vs. 4 for "Sapsan".

It is also very modern inside, despite the deceiving outside appearance


The EP20 also pulls the "Nevsky Express", which competes with "Sapsan" on the St. Petersburg route

And there is another Siemens product manufactured specifically for Russia, like the "Sapsan", the "Lastochka"

which has the miost routes of the new trains, from Saint Petersburg to the cities and towns of Bologoe, Great Novgorod (train leaves from SP as one, at a middle station it is separated, with one part heading to GN and other - to Bologoe, the now two trains return to SP separately), Petrozavodsk, Vyborg, Volkhov, and Tosno

From Moscow to Nizhny Novgorod (cannot match "Strizh" in speed, fastest time recorded for it is 4 hours and 5 minutes; but, reportedly, competes with it in comfort and accommodation for passengers), Kursk, Oryol, Smolensk, Zelenograd, Tver

In the South, from Krasnodar to resort city Adler (with a stop in Sochi, among other places) and to Rostov; and from Maikop, capital of republic of Adygea, to Adler

In the Urals, from Ekaterinburg to Nizhny Tagil and to Kamensk-Uralsky
and also from E-burg and Kazan, Tatarstan it transports people to and from those cities' airports

"Lastochka" and "Sapsan" side by side in St. Petersburg

So, no, my friend, our railroads are being modernized.

As to supporting Assad, why should we not support a leader of his country who is defending the minorities there, Christians, Yazidi, Druze, not to mention his own Alawite Shiites, from the terrorist Sunni Wahhabis who want to kill them all?
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