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Default Re: The Trump Regime

Originally Posted by Non Sequitur View Post
Could you elaborate a little bit more? How do we feel about Clinton? Health care? What's the conflict?
I was not implying there was a conflict. I meant there had been similarities in the past.

Also in France, for example, when Hollande chose his former wife, Ségolène Royal, for the position of Minister of Ecology - they are now separated, but nevertheless -. Some people criticized this decision at the time. She is now making a very good Minster and I don't see any "conflict of interest" just because she has four children with the present President of France.

Nepotism is about favoring your own family for a position regardless of their competances for this position. This is clearly what Trump is doing. Clinton in contrast was competant for the position in her husband's administration.

My question was about Trump. He is so clearly favouring his familly, business interests etc. that it almost looks like a film, not the reality of a western democracy.
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