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Default Re: Syria: America's "King of TOWs" killed by Ru

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
Yes, really. The US Defense Dept. says that the US dropped seven million six hundred and sixty-two thousand TONS of bombs on Indochina.

Every bomb or drone strike that kills innocent men, women, and children enrages uncles, brothers, sisters, and so on to the extent that a lot of them are willing to die in order to kill even one of the perpetrators.

And so we see ISIS numbers grow with the bombing, not shrinking.

It's just human nature that the militarists refuse to accept. Their war colleges teach that firepower wins wars and they blindly accept that.
So, we will simply have to kill more of them? Brother, if there is anything we have plenty of in Russia, aside from oil and gas, it is bullets and bombs Enough for every fucking Arab who wants to fight us If it does turn out ISIS shot down that plane, I hope Putin REALLY unleashes hell on them...

We are winning anyway, make no mistake:

And I say "we", because those Syrian troops are brothers to Russians now, many of them even fight under our flags these days:

You Americans remember Vietnam? Well, we remember Chechnya.

They tried that guerrilla terrorist shit on us, targeting civilians. In turn, we reduced their whole cities to rubble
Killed 50 Chechens for every Russian who they killed.

They had to either surrender or face annihilation, as a people. They did the wise thing.

We are capable of destroying entire nation, my friend, not only technologically, but mentally, morally. That is the difference between us and the West, we can and will kill as many of the enemy as needed to win, and also sacrifice as many of our own as necessary. 5,000 Russian men laid down in Chechnya. It did not matter.

We need strong leadership though. In Afghanistan, we did not have this, with Gorbachev. Now, with Putin, we do. He will go to the end.

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