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Default Re: Syria: America's "King of TOWs" killed by Ru

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
And predictions of as quick Russian victory over ISIS in Syria may have been overly optimistic:

As pointed out before, the US dropped over SEVEN MILLION TONS of bombs on the Viet Cong junior varsity that didn't have an air force.
I wasn't aware that anyone had predicted a "quick Russian victory over ISIS". I certainly wouldn't expect one. Syria seems like a quagmire.

So far, Russia appears to be following a US-style action - with a targetted air and missile campaign to support special forces operations. That 'small-footprint' combination has never really been proven to actually work. If Russia really wants to crush ISIS, Russia will need several divisions of Russian combat troops in Syria to do it, and I really don't think Putin wants to do that.

As it stands, Russia is supporting a longtime ally and her own strategic interests here. Whether one likes it or not, US doesn't have a monopoly on playing this kind of wargame. Russia's actions are in this case legal and constitute "just war" from a Russian perspective (also theoretically legal by UN Charter rules since Assad is legal government of Syria in a defensive war against foreign invaders).

Anyway, I don't think anyone can reasonably predict what's going to be the outcome of the present Syrian conflict. It seems like a strategic & tactical stalemate and a powder-keg at the same time.

The last thing this world needs is US and Russia/China to line up on opposite sides supporting a Sunni-Shia civil war.
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