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Default Re: Random post VII: the randomness awakens

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
There are elements of the prequels that could be good or at least interesting. The movies are just terrible.
The first trilogy is the first three movies which were made, at least that's how it's interpreted in this book. Reading it made me realize that I have in fact never seen the second one (The Empire strikes back). The scenes on the snow planet and Yoda's place don't ring any bells at all.
It's rather badly written and/or translated. It's clearly targeted at today's teenagers with their limited vocabulary and their anachronistic idioms. Heck, the one cute thing about the whole series isn't even translated, i.e. Yoda's speech mannerisms. Disappointing, it is.

There's a hell of a lot more wrong with the Star Wars universe but that's for when the book's finished (unless I forget of course).
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