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Default Re: Catalan Independence Referendum

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Apparently, the Catalans held a referendum on independence today.

The Spanish government sent in the stormtroopers with tear gas to crush heads.

I'm no fan of independence movements, but this action by the Spanish government is beyond stupid.

Apparently, some 90% of Catalans voted in favor.


So now Spain has a seriously messy situation with no easy solutions and one huge mountain of animosity between the Catalans and the Spanish government. Having Catalonia vote for independence is bad enough for Spain, but Spain just shot themselves in both feet out of spite it seems.
Yeah, whatever adviser recommended sending in the police should be fired immediately. It was a move that could do nothing other than make everyone who was against independence say "well, at least the regional government is sending in storm troopers."

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
Fwiw, individualists favor smaller and smaller political units right down to individual sovereignty, every man a king and every woman a queen.
This particular libertarian vision sounds awful to me.
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