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Default Re: 1982 World Cup (Soccer)

Originally Posted by Abishai100 View Post
It was the 1982 World Cup tournament that brought soccer into the stage of the modern world...
That's certainly true in North America. I actually remember this event because Toronto has two rather large 'Italian' neighborhoods and they both erupted with spontaneous street parties when Italy won the 1982 World Cup. I recall that it was a real surprise to everyone - no one seemed to know why these two neighborhoods were having a such a spontaneous street parties on that particular day (causing traffic jams throughout the city).

Ever since that day, World Cup soccer has been a huge event in Toronto celebrated by the local media and hundreds of bars and patios, as well as countless cars sporting national flags in support of various teams. The world cup final always gets broadcast inside the Skydome on the big screen these days with twenty or thirty thousand spectators.
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