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It can even be argued that Germany's stand-out defender Franz Beckenbauer is 'invoked' by world soccer fans curious about 'field celebrities' in similar discussions that incur the name of Italy's 1982 World Cup superstar Paolo Rossi.

Isn't it interesting how media/TV/spotlighting changes the way we 'negotiate'? Is that a direct 'effect' of 'etiquette-paranoia' (e.g., Celebrity)?


TRUMP: I'm so excited for the World Cup soccer tournament in 2018.
CARTER: You'll still be President...
TRUMP: International sports is more 'complex' (e.g., Munich, Invictus).
CARTER: The media has changed the way audiences respond to society!
TRUMP: Rossi (Italy) and Beckenbauer (Germany) both benefited from TV.
CARTER: They were true 'media-borne' celebrities...
TRUMP: You just don't get the same 'celebrity' feel with radio or newspaper.
CARTER: No, TV and Internet offer a more 'virtual' experience.
TRUMP: Correct, which is why sports-films are so popular.
CARTER: Maybe sports will do for politics what music did for religion. (Evita).


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