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Default Re: Lancelot-Mordred: Arthurian History Dualism

Originally Posted by Abishai100 View Post
Lancelot and Mordred are two iconic knights from Arthurian legend.
Being a bit of a pedant, I feel it is necessary to point out that Sir Lancelot, like Gwenivere, was invented by French Christian/romantic writers in the 13th century and added to the Arthurian story so they could turn the ancient legends of Arthur into a Christian Courtly Romance style story that was very popular in France at that time.

Mordred (son of Morgan Le Fay, the Fairie Queen) is actually associated with the old/original Arthurian legends, as was Merlin.

Originally Posted by Abishai100 View Post
Revisionist historians have reoriented depictions of Lancelot and Mordred, and this has taken some lustre away from the natural contouring these two knights provide to Arthurian history.

Lancelot is to Mordred what Hamlet was to Fortinbras. Pensive Lancelot was described as having an adulterous affair with Queen Guinevere, wife of King Arthur but still served Camelot on the battlefield. Mordred was described as the illegitimate son of Arthur's betraying sister, Morgan and stormed Camelot under the direction of his unscrupulous mother.

Lancelot is therefore ethically controversial but still a defender of Camelot, while Mordred is considered through-and-through a challenger of King Arthur, which makes the Lancelot-Mordred dualism a great history symbol of 'knighthood-era intrigue.'
All invented by fiction writers after the end of the knighthood era, keeping in mind that Arthur, if he lived at all, lived and died long before the knighthood era began in the 8th century AD.
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