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Default Re: Political predictions

Originally Posted by Sucre View Post
He is an outsider.

He is immensely good-looking and smart. (>>>> The anti-Trump )
Ah, la passion francaise s'Úveille

Originally Posted by Sucre View Post
He has a super effective communication strategy. No political platforms like other parties have but innovative ideas, some of them would be classified as "left", others as "right", all of them stemming, he says, from "collaborative democracy".

You sign up for free on his platform. You get invited to events and workshops where you discuss policial subjects and put propositions in. All are young or less young but all look smart and intelligent.

You may contribute, but only if you want and as much as you want.

His "soldiers" (all young good looking in their 30s) go from door to door, asking questions such as :"What do you think works WELL in France at the moment?)."

He spreads optimism not negativism.

He targets electoral districts whith a changing voting landscape, from red to blue or blue to red. He targets the middle class.

He comes from a middle class family himself, is now a millionaire, worked in a bank, two years in the Hollande government as minister of the economy.
Forgive me for being an arch-cynical but it all sounds a bit vague and 'too good to be true'. And what and where are those ideas? The website of En Marche! is already defunct and is only available as an archive. A tad strange when it has only just started.
Also, there's a huge difference between 'worked in a bank' and 'was a very successful Rothschild banker'. He wasn't counting dimes and evaluating mortgages. He made decisions of a nature in which the interests are completely opposite to the interests of the general public.

Originally Posted by Sucre View Post
Fillon is a conservative christian moron. Marine Le Pen a fascist. If the Socialists select Hannon, a friendly idealist lefty, on next Sunday as their candidate for the presidency, Macron has good chances to be one of the two winners of the first round of the presidential elections in April. That's my prediction.
And yet, indeed, amongst the available options he seems one of the better ones. Le Pen or Fillon. Nope.
And in France just like almost anywhere else the left is completely devoid of unity and viable candidates. It's actually our fault ('our' being anyone who identifies as left) that the right can get away with putting the most absurd people in power.
Wir haben es wieder nicht gewusst.
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