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Default Re: Where in the hell...

Originally Posted by Donkey View Post
Is Muqtada al Sadr?

Is he laying low? Did he do stuff in the recent elections? Is he pulling puppet strings?

The western media has apparently forgotten about him entirely.
One can only speculate that our belovedly liberal and warmongering western media doesn't like losing on issues and they lost it completely on Iraq (wrong on every account). Sadr beat them in the PR game and forced the US to withdrawl and they don't like that one little bit.

However, I did stumble upon a couple of comments over the last week or so about how Sadr's chubby little fingers are still in the pot. Apparently, he's been playing peacemaker over there, keeping a lid on the simmering civil war and trying to singlehandedly convert the country to democracy.

Sadr apparently has been pushing the notion that "voting is the most legitimate form of protest". Judging by what is being reported as a surprisingly high/record turnout for the elections, we may well infer that Sadr is as influential as ever.

Sadr voiced an expectation that his informal political faction would hold 30% of the seats after the vote.

Please note that Sadr and his movement are legally banned from Parliament and the election (which was a Malaki/US-backed initiative). Ergo, Sadr and the Sadrists are not on the ballot. But they will be in Parliament.
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