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Exclamation Modernism Metallurgy?

Modernization comes with three levels (or arguably 'prongs') of consciousness:

1. Tools/Technology --- e.g., media, computers, medicine, weapons
2. Education/Governance --- e.g., ethics, psychology, capital unions
3. Intelligence/Labor --- e.g., industrialization, marketing, law

The Hindu god Shiva (master of destruction) carries a three-pronged trident weapon signifying a total control over the watery forces of anarchy.

If we use Shiva's 'metaphysical trident' as a totem for modernization allegories, we can construct a method of attitude display regarding the populace's consent of political decision-making in the complicated modern world (perhaps making our task of 'incendiary dialogue' much easier and even more congenial!).

So imagine then that Shiva's trident is being used to evaluate the three prongs of modernization (listed above).

The first prong of Shiva's trident then (Tools/Technology) may refer to 'folk religion' and the mass acceptance of modernization developments such as genetic engineering. The second prong (Education/Governance) may refer to society etiquette monuments such as NASA and Hollywood. The third prong (Intelligence/Labor) may refer to rhetoric, propaganda, and idealism messages such as Capitalism: A Love Story.

We know from Hindu storytelling that Shiva wields the three-pronged trident as a singular weapon, so we can think about how all three prongs of modernization can be 'singularized' to discuss a holistic statement about anarchy management (in general) --- e.g., "Capitalism fosters cautious ambition in the modern era!"

So why is modernization and the modern age so 'hairy'? Of course, we have to think about why Americans love 'modernism-oriented' or 'futuristic' horror-films such as Species and The Terminator which speak to a 'modern anxiety' regarding 'developmental ethics.'

Perhaps it was Alfred Hitchcock or George Orwell who really introduced the 'social notion' that modernism-paranoia is a distinct and tangible 'rational meta-psychology.'

However this 'sensitivity' was incepted, we have to think about the links between modernism/modernization and 'political psychiatry.'

Isn't that what modern international security institutions such as the World Bank, the United Nations, the Security Council, NATO, and the European Union are all about?

In the end, what we all seem to crave is less sarcastic political cartoons/storytelling...


Shiva met with the evil leprechaun Lubdan who was busy fighting the menacing hockey-mask wearing zombie Jason in the swamps of New Orleans in modern-day America. Shiva wanted to know what Lubdan and Jason thought about dystopian sentiments regarding modernization. Would the media support Shiva's Utopian idealism?

SHIVA: Are you to making mischief in the modern swamp?
LUBDAN: Hehe, New Orleans is host to capital pirates.
JASON: Cinema!!

SHIVA: America is still Big Brother.
LUBDAN: What about terrorism?
JASON: Capitalism will implode!

SHIVA: Let's not become paranoid about modernization.
LUBDAN: What about Facebook?
JASON: Laziness!

SHIVA: Americans appreciate movies about 'patriots.'
LUBDAN: What about Friday the 13th?
JASON: The truth is McCarthyism!

SHIVA: You two are fanatics; we need democratic rationalism.
LUBDAN: We need more gambling dictators and North Korea!
JASON: Television-babies will become Hong Kong prostitutes.

SHIVA: I stand for the defense of Wall Street and!
LUBDAN: Idealism is expensive --- e.g., anti-Trump protesters.
JASON: Remember Chernobyl.


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