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Default Re: Pig factory farms

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
I think the "I don't cook" people make up the largest food culture in the US. I've seen statistics that show US consumers 'eat out' more often than any other people on the planet. Fast Food was invented for the US market.
I'd be interested to see that. I picture Parisians eating out as much or more.

The raw food and slow food movements are micro-tiny in comparison, and usually upscale and coastal only.
To an extent. I think that the labels are upscale. I think that middle America sure used to understand how to eat local, slow food - hunting, shopping at farmers' markets, etc. It's only in the last 60 years or so as subsidies have shifted production to this corn/soy bastardization that has eliminated the diversity of crops available country-wide that have made so much of that hard to get. That and people forgetting how to cook.

It is also quite interesting how popular things like Food TV are - people are interested in cooking, even though they don't do it as much as they could. I also think that there's a mystique around cooking - that it takes a lot of time and money - that a little education could get rid of. Of course, big agra has a vested interest in keeping Home Ec out of schools. They'd be in trouble if people figured out that they can scratch cook every night in 30 minutes, using real food, and likely end up losing weight and saving money in the process.
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