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Default Captain America vs. Richard III

Imagine the following hypothetical conversation between Captain America (fictional patriotic American comic book 'super-hero') and Richard III (iconic but controversial English ruler depicted by Shakespeare as obstinate towards governance flexibility or even kindness) regarding the social value of competition/sports and the wisdom of marketing/hyping the Kentucky Derby (iconic American annual horse-race signifying a cultural appreciation of 'animal-care flowery').

Such a discussion about 'lifestyle aesthetics' would illuminate why we as a civilization focus on the merits of social activity. Isn't this sort of interrogation the rationale for why we celebrate networking toys (e.g., Facebook) in this modern age of confluence/globalization minded imagination (e.g., World Bank, European Union, Al Jazeera TV, etc.)?

What do you think? What would our capitalism-trained (and hence contract-minded) U.S. President (Donald Trump), a man who seems keenly interested in social paradigms, say? Would we think America is the 'leader' or 'Big Brother' in the modern world arena of socialization dialogue and globe-minded marketing (e.g., National Geographic Channel)?

Feel free to be 'caustic.'


RICHARD III: You wish I relinquish my authority over horses?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Angered sir, you neglect the Kentucky Derby!
RICHARD III: What care have I for an American pastime?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Derby is a totem of great animal regalia...
RICHARD III: England has much care for its animal life, good sir.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Your reputation is one of obstinate authority.
RICHARD III: I lack an interest in investments in recreational zoos!
CAPTAIN AMERICA: The women of America care for their horses.
RICHARD III: Horse-masters in England have no less care...
CAPTAIN AMERICA: It is in the arena of racing where we find grace.
RICHARD III: Are you accusing English women of myopia?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: The Derby reminds all women of the value of sport!
RICHARD III: You would impress upon citizenry the requisite for athletics?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Without sports, there is little chat about fair play.
RICHARD III: Is America the 'sovereign' over human imagination?
CAPTAIN AMERICA: America is a land of confluence, not dominions!
RICHARD III: England has rich flowery towards meetings of peoples.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Investments in the Derby would spell happiness...
RICHARD III: I will think on your proposal but hold views on animal care.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: Never treat women or animals as pawns!
RICHARD III: If the Derby promotes social glee, I will think on it.
CAPTAIN AMERICA: You will not be thinking in vain...


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