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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
From what I read about the place, I can't imagine anyone but some old retired people moving there (because they just don't care about the future they will never see).
Population centers (2) are in the middle of deserts. Colorado River water rights made AZ and will continue to maintain its economy/growth. Cheap labor from AZ's immigration proximity to Mexico, which it now considers a major problem since non/low-skilled labor is no longer in demand, has become a political focus for dominant political conservatives. That same demographic inevitably dominates social culture and one shouldn't be surprised at AZ's stance on abortion. Seeing people on the streets with open carry guns is not unusual.

Great place to retire if one is waspish, prefers/needs extreme desert heat (a majority of older people prone to arthritis and other degenerative diseases who can afford it seek hot, low humidity places). Significant travel, high tech support and military presence, obviously not a haven for social progressives.
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