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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
We just passed 10,000 unique visitors yesterday. For the 5th month in a row, we've had 10,000+ unique vistors to the forum. Just to put that into perspective, we had only about 10,000 unique visitors in total for all of 2009.

Likewise the number of page views per visitor is also been rising steadily (up to 19 per visit) as well as the average duration of each visit.

Forum traffic is highest between 7pm and 10pm and again between midnight and 3am. Traffic figures are highest from Monday to Thursday and tends to dip a bit on the weekends.
Summer weekends have always (in my experience) been slow on forums I've followed. Nice weather, long days and outdoor pursuits aren't conducive to screen entertainment.

Out of curiosity, has your bandwidth cost increased in proportion to visitor traffic?
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