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Default Re: Adam Smith: The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Those that think that the unfettered free market favours the little guy would do well to consider the only unfettered free market to exist, that of Victorian England, the vast majority in near servitude. Some paid a penny to sleep standing up in a room or two pence for the privilege of sleeping standing but draping their arms across a rope suspended across the room. Miners that broke their tools had to replace them and if they could not afford to, which of course they could not, being on starvation wages, they did indeed starve.

A truly unfettered free market leads to hell on earth

All who now enjoy descent conditions at work and tolerable pay must be grateful to those brave martyrs of the British labour movement, who suffered and died to win such benisons. And those that throw their hands up in horror, stupidly claiming this was communism and anti-Christian would do well to remember that socialism pre-dates communism and springs from different roots and not only were many such martyrs Christians but that the organisation of labour often came about through Christian organisations
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