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Default Re: Adam Smith: The Theory of Moral Sentiments

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
Seeing as how your hostility has dropped to the mildest of levels, referring only to "insane assumptions" and "premium quality bullshit," I think I'm gaining ground here, Michael. Only a matter of time before you're a raving individualist.

I've always described my own political and economic views as "hardcore individualist" and that the liberty of the individual is always the highest goal. That's my general stance on pretty much every issue of politics and economics. I think I'm pretty darn consistent on that.

So how you can believe me to be some kind of anti-individualist, or anti-liberty in any way is totally beyond me.

Btw, I totally reject and ridicule the words and ideas associated with the US Libertarian Party, but that's only because I consider myself to be a true libertarian. If one follows the ideas of the US Libertarian Party, one ends up with fascism and authoritarianism - which is why I oppose it and ridicule it.
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