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Post Annabelle

I want to compare "Valentine" [2001] to "Annabelle" [2014], since they both present stories/ideas/images of sentiments gone awry.

Annabelle is about a spooky girl-doll which continues to plague human beings with its demonic presence.

Dolls remind us of pretty things, daintiness, and carefree youthful life, but the doll in this offbeat horror film, which is an installment in the 'metaphysics-trap' Conjuring film franchise, reminds us of unrequited hopes, lost courage, forgotten innocence, and of course, fear.

Horror films, fantasy-films, and comic book adapted vigilantism-daydream films are all the rage in Hollywood recently, so we should appreciate how post 1990s films such as Valentine and Annabelle represent a cinematic investment in 'paranoia-proselytization'...

{interpretation dialogue}


DOLL: Remember, you're pretty and doomed...
GIRL: You frighten me, but I love you.
DOLL: I'm your secret nightmare/dream.
GIRL: I wonder if mommy is scared of you.
DOLL: We should scare her and find out...
GIRL: I'm scared of the dark!
DOLL: Darkness is a thief.
GIRL: Let's turn on the lights.
DOLL: Alright.
GIRL: I'll make you a lace for your pretty dress, Annabelle...
DOLL: I'd rather drink some blood!
GIRL: What if I never found you?
DOLL: You'd be all alone...forever.
GIRL: Alright!


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