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Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Welcome Thomas Paine, with a username like that, you get respect right off the top because I just love the oriignal Thomas Paine!
Hi Michael. Thanks for the welcome. I see that the forum seems to be fairly new so good luck with your endeavor. I like your choice of emoticons.

Thomas Paine seems to be one of the least known or mentioned figures
from the founding father's era, but one that I find very interesting.

Originally Posted by Americano View Post
I remember Tumbleweed from a couple of forums. Welcome.
Hi Americano. Thanks for the welcome. Your user name doesn't ring a bell so I may know you as someone else, or as they say. the first thing to go is the mind.

Originally Posted by henryporter View Post
I do remember Thomas Paine from PH.

TP I was sorry when you decided to leave PH because I learned a lot from what you had to say so I am pleased you are here. You may remember me as 2lane.
Hi Henry. Sorry, but I'm not that Thomas Paine. I am a member as PH, but this is my first time using this name. The forum software wouldn't let me register as Tumbleweed because of the word "weed" I presume, which has happened on a few other forums as well. Sorry for the mixup.

Originally Posted by Evangeline View Post
Hi Mr Paine and Drunk Girl! I'm glad you joined Tumbleweed!
Hi Evangeline. Thanks for the invite. I was looking to expand my horizons so to speak because of all the drama going on over there, so your timing was perfect. A lot of posters who I shared common points of view with got banned, which took some of the pleasure out of posting there. I needed a breath of freah air.
" I offer nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense "
Thomas Paine
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