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Default Re: Who Are You?

Hello! I have heard a lot about most of you (don't worry, it all has been good). My real name is Amber and I "belong" to "The Drunk Guy." He says that I am a paranoid schizo and that I over analyze everything. Oh! And, one time I ate a taco and spent a week beating myself up because I got tacos instead of burritos. Unfortunately, afterwards I attempted suicide. But, luckily for you that last part was just for laughs.

Now, to the part where Chet doesn't dictate my every word...

I am a miserable student/certified nursing assistant who enjoys beers and long walks on the beach. Wait! Hasn't someone already said that?! (Sorry my schizo personality kicked in).

Although, I am miserable in some aspects of my life I am ready to move forward and enjoy the "finer" things in life. I am horrible with words and expressing myself, so please excuse me in advance for that. Also, I am totally random and eclectic and demanding, so please excuse that as well.

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