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Default Re: Where in the hell...

Originally Posted by The_Dot View Post
It is entirely possible al-Sadr did not direct the ethnic cleansing program. I certainly have no first hand knowledge.

But is it not all possible that there was a Beckett approval? "Will no one rid me of these troublesome Sunni?"

It seems odd, at least to me, that this could go on his his own back yard without his knowledge and perhaps tacit approval.
Anything is possible I suppose, though what comments Sadr might nor might not have made in the presence of his own immediate followers isn't something we're like to ever be sure about. I'm not familiar enough with the issue to know whether Sadr ever condemned such violence or not, or if the culture is such that a lack of condemnation is interpreted as approval.

All things considered, I'd say that trying to judge Sadr and his motives definitively (for good or ill) is risky business and the whole thing is muddled with misinformation from various sources. Personally, I look warily on any sectarian religious political figure, especially those who are closely associated with armed militia groups.
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