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Default Re: Fox Guarding the Hen House?

Hold on... are you acting shocked or surprised that some American politico apparently lied to Congress?

I swear that if one expunged all the lies spoken in Congress, and especially in Congressional Committee hearings, there wouldn't be anything to type up in a report. That is to say, American politicians lie even more than the American mass media and that says something!

And please, just because the rightwing noise machine has decided that the so-called 'deep-state' is against them at this moment in time, don't forget the line above. They lie. The deep-state, in so far as it exists, is definitely very pro-rightwing, always have been and always will be. The FBI actually and willfully interfered in an election to favor Trump in 2016 (and actually and willfully played down evidence of Trump's corruption while doing so).

At the moment, the rightwing has their knickers in a knot because the so-called 'deep-state', isn't 100% pro-Trump and cheering loud enough. In rightwing terms, that makes them the enemy of the week. Anyone who jumps on this band-wagon is getting played.
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