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Default Re: Political predictions

Originally Posted by Sucre View Post
For many "Fillonistes", Macron is too left-wing: too keynsian in economic terms and, more importantly, not focused on national identity/ muslim v. Christian etc.

This part of the electorate will move over to MLP.

Part of the electorate that voted left may be attracted to her protectionist anti-globalisation stance ; part of the electorate that voted right to her nationalistic stance.

The level of abstention will be key. "Ni ... ni" ... Neither Le Pen, the racist nationalist, nor Macron the social liberal say some.

I want this election to be over. Already fell out with some friends ...
Low turnout, or high abstention always plays into the hands of the hardcore rightwingers (as Donkey noted above) because they are the true believers who will show up to vote no matter what. If the left stays home, that increases the chances of President Le Pen.
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