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Post Emma Goldman: Revisionist Anarchism Reach

Emma Goldman was a respected female Jewish intellectual and renowned anarchist known for her role in various political discussions involving mass unemployment and women's rights.

Let's take some 'academic liberties' here and suppose that Emma Goldman had some insightful opinions about the terrible bride-burning (dowry-related) customs in India borne from the myopic caste system.


GOLDMAN: Women burned for dowries deserve justice.
DEVIL: Indians are set in their ways.
GOLDMAN: Politics can cut through torture.
DEVIL: Indian brides are conscious of their circumstances.
GOLDMAN: Yes, but they have no political support.
DEVIL: The dowry gives poor people emotional comfort.
GOLDMAN: If it's making poor people violent, they need help.
DEVIL: Bride-burning is part of Hindu rhetoric.
GOLDMAN: Religion should be open to interpretation.
DEVIL: Only a democracy would work.


By supposing that Goldman is engaged in a gender-related political issue that is not otherwise part of her body of work, we create a 'historical revisionism' that allows us to create argumentative models of the 'applicability' of democracy as 'medicine.'

It doesn't really matter if Goldman cared about dowry-deaths or not, but what is important is that democracy caters to 'pluralism dialogue.'

Emma Goldman

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