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Default Re: Oil Consumption by Country

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Radical Islamic terrorism and/or radical Islamic killing of Muslims wasn't invented by ISIS/Daesh. Remember Al-Queda?
I do. But Al-Queda was not Daesh. They were a terrorist organization, working in cooperation with the then-governing powers of Afghanistan. They weren't a sovereign Caliphate actively and aggressively trying to overthrow all other Muslim regimes in the region. As best I recall, they didn't make a habit of publicly butchering people on TV or burning people alive as a recruitment tool. Nor did they go out of their way to tear down historic artifacts and ruins, certainly not on the scale of ISIS.

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Really? Please cite a relevant example from pre-2003.

To my understanding, Sunni-Shia violence has been relatively quite modest for the last five centuries or so (due to the absolute dominance of Sunni rulership of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent post WW1 British/French alliances with Sunni powers).
The big one would be the Iran-Iraq War in the '80s.

It's worth noting that "my entire life" all post-dates the '79 revolution in Iran. I think you're right about the peaceful effects of Sunni dominance (well, peaceful from an international standpoint anyway...). But I'd argue that fell apart with the rise of a Shiite theocracy in Iran. The fall of Sunni Iraq just made it worse.
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