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Default Re: Oil Consumption by Country

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
I suspect it would make a great deal of difference to anyone who is/isn't spared from ISIS control by that military power or the absence of it. It will also make a rather large difference if it becomes a determining factor in whether or not ISIS runs up against Israeli borders. There's a pretty big jump between "Doesn't address the root cause" and "Won't make any difference."
I'm saying that Saudi is driving the conflicts in the Middle East. Even if you stop one conflict (by killing everyone in the neighborhood), another similar conflict is just going to pop up because of the root issue that is driving the conflict is getting bigger and bigger.

Speaking of which, I don't consider it my business to pay for military operations to stop a bunch of fanatical Muslims on the other side of the planet from killing other fanatical Muslims in the name of Allah. To put it simply, religion is an issue that is not amendable to solutions involving bombs and guns.

Indeed, I might venture to say that the western urge to control events in the Middle East is one of the primary reasons that we have all these problems in the Middle East - and those problems are not contained in the Middle East.

That is to say, the only thing western military intervention in the Middle East does is create a need for more western military intervention in the Middle East.

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
But all that aside, I can't see Saudi Arabia being as single-highhandedly and totally responsible as you suggest for the simple reason that ISIS is new.
Radical Islamic terrorism and/or radical Islamic killing of Muslims wasn't invented by ISIS/Daesh. Remember Al-Queda?

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
There has been Sunni-Shia and Muslim-Western conflict (much of it supported by elements in SA) in the region my entire life and more...
Really? Please cite a relevant example from pre-2003.

To my understanding, Sunni-Shia violence has been relatively quite modest for the last five centuries or so (due to the absolute dominance of Sunni rulership of the Ottoman Empire and subsequent post WW1 British/French alliances with Sunni powers).

Originally Posted by dilettante View Post
... but Daesh is breaking the mold. SA may be a necessary answer to the question "Why ISIS? Why now?" But it certainly isn't a sufficient answer by itself.
Why now? As I've already noted several times, because the US invasion/overthrow of Saddam has fundamentally altered the Sunni-Shia balance to a point where Sunni is now on the short end and that's something the Sunnis haven't experienced in over 500 years. They are apparently desperate to re-establish Sunni dominance in the Middle East. That's why "now" and not before.
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