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Default Re: Oil Consumption by Country

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
The point is that any other military operation against any other target in the Middle East is like pissing against the wind.

The problem is Saudi and until that problem is addressed, the game will go on regardless of how many bombs we drop or how many people we slaughter.

Or to put it more bluntly, using western military power to engage ISIS/Daesh is just a fool's game that won't make any difference.
I suspect it would make a great deal of difference to anyone who is/isn't spared from ISIS control by that military power or the absence of it. It will also make a rather large difference if it becomes a determining factor in whether or not ISIS runs up against Israeli borders. There's a pretty big jump between "Doesn't address the root cause" and "Won't make any difference."

But all that aside, I can't see Saudi Arabia being as single-highhandedly and totally responsible as you suggest for the simple reason that ISIS is new. There has been Sunni-Shia and Muslim-Western conflict (much of it supported by elements in SA) in the region my entire life and more, but Daesh is breaking the mold. SA may be a necessary answer to the question "Why ISIS? Why now?" But it certainly isn't a sufficient answer by itself.
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