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Default Re: Moscow Metro security, complicated question

Originally Posted by Michael View Post
Which is all the more reason not to trust amateurs and volunteers for they are the most likely to lack respect for human rights and dignity of all people.

I know Russia has problems with violence, but sponsoring more violence in response isn't a solution - it is escalation.

I believe the violence problem is systemic. I think that banning lead would do wonders for Russia, but that solution takes many years. The evidence for the theory that lead contamination breeds violence keeps increasing steadily.
That is true - YouYourselfAndYou, do you think, or don't you think, that your employees have contacts among the very groups that you are supposed to be protecting your clients against? And if the answer is that you do think so, do such contacts help ensure the groups whom you're supposed to be protecting your clients againt, continue to thrive and provide you with clients?
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