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Originally Posted by Dominick in the "Palestine reconized by UN" thread

Here is a report of the discussion which isn't very interesting but it also contains the detailed list of who voted how and that's very interesting.

It could be called no less than a historic vote, and not for the symbolic nature of the 'recognition' of Palestine. It's a clear indication of the loss of status and weight in the world the US has suffered. Although Obama and especially Hillary Clinton have worked hard to counter it, the nefarious impact of the Bush years is apparently irreparable.

I don't think Americans appreciate just how large this impact was outside of the US. If one rereads the Rebuilding America's Defenses paper of the PNAC -which one should do occasionally- it's pretty clear that has achieved pretty much the exact opposite of what it aimed for. Instead of continuing US hegemony throughout the 21st century, it has all but obliterated any chance of that and that is illustrated in this vote.

Any pinpointing of a long term evolution to a specific date is of course always arbitrary but that also means any date will do so I'd say that in a historical context the date of this vote is a candidate for future historians to say that as of this moment the US is no longer a superpower. A very large power, still the greatest, yes, but not a superpower.

And that leads us into a situation that hasn't happened at least since before the European nations became the world's superpower many centuries ago, viz. a relatively equalized playing field in world politics. There's no boss at the moment. The US 'lost it", Europe is a geriatric who seems to be intent on committing euthanasia, Russia is all tough talk, but very little action or impact. And the emerging nations with superpower potential are still fragile and a considerable distance away from that status, even China. Let's not forget Japan which was hailed as the next superpower 20-30 years ago but which now is even doubtful as a regional power.

This is a very interesting situation which will make many things possible that haven't been so for a long time. The recognition of Palestine as an observer within the UN is just a small token of that. What other events this could lead to is an open question. No doubt some will be good, but some may also be unprecedentedly bad. If the world is a village, it's now a village without a mayor and that leads to 'interesting times' in the way the Chinese proverb means it.

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