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Default Re: The Great Recession

Originally Posted by Americano View Post
That's right, force those remaining small businesses hiring illegal immigrants to pay big penalties and source their products offshore so we can import them with a declining currency. Sometimes it seems we can't get any dumber but we never fail to get even dumber.
The irony is that US politicians talk non-stop about how much they support "small business" while they spend all their efforts giving preferential treatment to massive multi-nationals. Typical politicians - say one thing while doing another.

I would say that the US private healthcare system is one of the main reasons for this since small companies can't usually afford this benefit, but without this benefit, they can't attract high-quality employees who all run off to work for the big multinationals to get their health insurance provided.

So long as the US retains the model of 'employer provided healthcare', small business in the USA is going to be the 'runt of the litter'. And that's not good for US economic development since real growth in wealth and prosperity for the greatest many tends to come from the widely diverse small business sector, not the multinationals (which tend to suck up lots of tax breaks and loopholes).

Btw, this data is consistent with the data that shows that the USA is the least egalitarian country in the western world, and has the weakest entrepreneurial culture in the western world.

I really think that "employer-provided-healthcare" model in the USA is to blame for this unintended consequence.
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