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Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
Tell me about it. It'll need singular focus so I'll wait till I finish a few ongoing epic EU IV games.
I find it is very different than EU, though there are similarities in the game engine.

CK is like The Sims crossed with RISK.

Seriously! The only real fun in CK comes from the soap opera aspect of the game. An ambitious/craven/cruel son makes the game more interesting. Or a daughter as your heir (or better yet, a lesbian daughter!).

You have to get into the whole 'character' thing otherwise the game itself gets rather boring after you've won a few good wars.

Originally Posted by Dominick View Post
Interesting because I'm sure I got it from some BBC programme once upon a time. It must have jumped the pond.
English language is doing a lot of that these days. I suspect the differences between British and American English will tend to die out with the effect of modern culture and the internet.
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