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Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
Okay, okay, I was wrong, Michael.

I'd been grasping at the possibility that Trump was a peacenik in wolves' clothing who might change the direction of US foreign policy, and who appointed guys like Bolton and Pompeo to office in order to keep his enemies close, which may have made me seem like a Trump supporter or apologist.

But now I 've given up on that hope, and it makes no difference to me whether he has voluntarily embraced the Brennan-Clapper-Netanyahu deep state neoconservative fascist warmonger agenda or has been coerced into accepting it.
Indeed... it makes no difference if he embraces that faction willingly or not. The fact is, he embraces it. When it comes to politics, actions matter, words are bullshit.

Originally Posted by Tom Palven View Post
Just wanted you to know that I'm over it and am adding more hard liquor to my beer regimen (A friend of mine has suggested Camarena Tequila Silver and my stepson vouches for Crown Royal Green Apple).
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