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Default Organ donation

Anyone had any experience with organ donation? My wife is pretty set on donating a kidney some time over the next few years as the kids get bigger and gets easier to envision her being down and out for a few weeks.

I was reading up on living liver donation, which is just amazing. You donation the majority of your liver, and then it grows back to normal over the next eight weeks or so. That's pretty crazy. From he sound of it, those weeks are pretty miserable for the donor (apparently your body doesn't like having large chunks of organ removed, who knew?), but within a few months you're totally recovered and you've just saved someone's life.

I'd like to think well enough of myself that something like this is in my future. The finances are daunting. Insurance covers surgery and hospital time and (in most cases) medication, but being effectively immobile for weeks on end is really expensive all by itself in terms of lost productivity/income. Since it's illegal to pay someone for organ donation, there's no good way to mitigate it, even if the recipient wants to and is able to.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind, it's not about the horrifying and depressing state of today's politics, and by golly we need some new threads around here.
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