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Default Re: Demise of the Petro-dollar?

I might also add that I think the reason that there is no inflation given 0% prime rate for 16 years running is indicative of a flooded supply of capital.

That is to say, capital is the most bountiful commodity in the world right now. It is cheap, cheap, cheap! Capital is basically cheaper now than it has ever been in the whole history of the world. That really says something given that our eco-political system and laws are predicated on the idea that capital is extremely rare and needs to be protected to help it survive and grow. Present evidence suggests that capital is in a massively flooded supply situation.

And the US government has just signed into law the biggest gift to big capital ever. If the world supply of capital is flooded now, over the next ten years it is going to increase by an order of magnitude in the USA alone. In other words, US tax cuts for corporations and billionaires is probably the stupidest policy that could be enacted right now.
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