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Although I still follow US politics as much as I have always done, I just can't bear to post anything or make any comments. What can one say about it?

Observing US politics these days is like watching a slow motion train wreck. You know it is a disaster and people are going to get hurt, but it is just so amazing to watch it happen. The level of petty rivalries, monstrous egos, abject incompetence and outright evil on display is a wonder to behold.

There just isn't anything to discuss. It is just a horror show and a huge embarrassment. Indeed, I'm embarrassed for the United States.

This is very different than the old GW Bush days. Back then, we had lots of petty rivalries, monstrous egos and outright evil, and their competence was definitely questionable, but no where near the utter cluelessness that is on daily display these days. Back in the Bush days, one could actually argue about whether or not invading Iraq was a good idea, or about the merits of a a trillion dollar deficit-financed tax cut. But nowadays, what is there to discuss? I suppose the only issue worthy of comment these days is whether or not Trump is just a fucking ignorant idiot or suffering dementia?
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